SunHee Couple (Han Sunhwa ♥ Hwang Kwanghee)

This is page special for SunHee Couple at We Got Married sesion 4, yes this is for Han Sunhwa (SECRET) ♥ Hwang Kwanghee (ZE:A). I fall in love with this couple, yeah… really… really fall in love with them. I started watch We Got Married from EP01 until EP34 just for countinue watching their interaction at WGM. But, they finally leave from WGM and replaced by Taemin (SHINee) ♥ Naeun (A-Pink).

Yeah this is my second pairing that i really ship in my life!!! First couple come from SNSD, they are is Im Yoona ♥ Kwon Yuri they called YoonYul. I’m their fans maybe become one from others twins troopers. Second and the last is i ship SunHee Couple. So, i think i’ll try to made more editing picture about YoonYul and especially about SunHee couple.

I have account at Youtube, Youku and Vimeo. All account is for SunHee couple. Because i’ll upload all my editing video about Han Sunhwa ♥ Hwang Kwanghee at there. I’ll re-upload video which get blocked by Youtube to my channel at youku or vimeo. Why i don’t made editing video about YoonYul?? The answers is i still bad to made editing video about YoonYul. I just become silent troopers because another twins troopers really have better skill than me.

I joint at Soompi forum to discuss about SunHee couple. Sometimes i share about video, news, FMV, editing picture at there. I found a lot friends at there. So, who read this page and have some interest about SunHee couple maybe you can joint at Soompi forum. Because in this blog i just share a lot pictures and selca about SNSD.

I use same ID at Soompi if you want say “HI” to me at there.. kekekeke.. ^^ My ID is “NoviLimz”.

Btw, this is my channel if you want to see a lot FMV and editing picture which i made especially for SunHee couple:

*) Deviantart

*) Youtube

*) Dailymotion

*) Youku

*) Tudou

*) Vimeo

So… See you there!!! I still learning about video editing and photoshop, but i hope you liked it ^^ have a nice day and GBU~


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