About Me

Hello all my friend ^^

Welcome to my blog, first i’ll introduce my self to you guys.My name is Novi Budiwati S you can call me NoviLimz. I come from indonesia. I really like Girls’ Generation, maybe i’m a SONE!

I really like K-Pop after i know Girls’ Generation. I love the other boy band or girl band, but i more love with Girls’ Generation. I never hate another boy band and girl band because they have own style. I really love their art in music, i love their songs.

This blog made because my project in my university. Now, project is done. So, i try to make my blog alive again. I’ll update all about my favourite music, my editing project, my story, or anything when i bored at home. I’ll writing in here.

I’ll use my national language. I’ll use Indonesia language in my blog. I don’t like to speak or writing use english because i weak at english language. I really hate grammar, i always get bad score at school because grammar. lol So, i’ll use my own national language in here.

I graduated from Faculty of Psychology at Surabaya. I Graduated from Ciputra University. So, hello once again ^^ I really like spend my time to work at my family business and sometimes i’ll try to make editing picture about Girls’ Generation.

I’m is Twin Trooper!! Ow yes, i’m is YoonYul fans!! My editing is all about Yoona and Yuri my favourite pairings at Girls’ Generation. But, i never get lesson about editing in my school or at my university. I’m so sorry if my editing “BAD” because i’m not take a lesson about design.

Maybe you guys will found EXO in my blog. Yeah, i liked EXO. My Favourite Boy Group is EXO. I will try to upload their new picture if i have in my collection at my computer. I really liked EXO-M especially Tao. So, you will found Tao picture/selca more than another EXO members in my blog.

I liked reading fanfic about YoonYul and YulTao. Yoona and Yuri is my favourite pairing at Girls’ Generation, but i ship Tao and Yuri because their my first biases at their group. I try writing fanfic about YoonYul and YulTao in my blog, but i’m sorry because i don’t have experiment made some fanfic before so my fanfic maybe not good or will make you get confused with the storyline in my mind. Hope you guys know more about me after reading this page, Nice to meet you guys!

You guys can visit in my other website!
* Twitter
* Facebook
* Deviantart
* Tumblr
* Soshified

* Weibo

* Soundcloud

* Hulkshare

Ok! Nice to meet you guys. Thanks for visited in my blog. I’m sorry if my blog not perfect for you. This blog just for fun only. Have a nice day and GBU ^^


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