[THANK YOU] For Vote Taeyeon & Tiffany @ MAMA 2016

I wanna says Thank You so much for your hardworking and you guys already spend your precious time for votes our Taeyeon & Tiffany. We already know that Taeyeon is the one who will attending at that event. So, the most likely our Taeyeon will get some awards from MAMA 2016. I don’t know about Tiffany, but thanks for everyone who always votes for Taeyeon and Tiffany. We already do our best for them. In this post, i will says Thank You for all people and friends who already give your votes for Red Velvet. Even the fact they can’t come at MAMA even they’re leading No.1 at Best Female Group and Best Dance Performance- Female Group (even the vote only took 20%). I really happy that all SM Family already do the best for give votes to Red Velvet as their junior girl group who really appreciate and close with Taeyeon & Tiffany as their lovely senior girl group. Thanks a lot SONEs! You’re the best! We already do the best for our girls!

For now, let’s be happy and let’s wait Taeyeon who will appear at that events. Let’s give support our Taeyeon with streaming that events. There will be another SM Family who will performing at that event too like; NCT, EXO and Taemin (SHINee). The female artists from SM is only Taeyeon. So, let’s give support our Taeyeon and be proud that she will do the best performance at there. Once again, thanks for your hardworking ^^ Have a nice day! Gbu~


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