Soundtrack God of War Zhao Yun [武神赵子龙] (2016)

Cover Album


Title Album: 武神赵子龙 电视剧原声带
Release Date: 29 April 2016
Artist: 华语群星


01. 英雄泪 – 孙铭宇

02. 英雄 – 金桢勋

03. 冷红颜 – 曾一鸣

04. 成佛 – 董贞

05. 山之高 – 董贞

06. 离伤 – 张赫

07. 渐行渐远 – 张赫&金桢勋

08. 情字诀 – 张赫&李明珠

(Another track list is Instrumental Songs)



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 If you want to give support Yoona with buying the original soundtrack from official website, you can click the link which can bring you at official music store at China. If you have official account, you can buy and download at there!

But if you can’t download from official website, i’ll help you with share from my collection. I’ll share each link for each song and link for full song from soundtrack God Of War Zhao Yun. Have a nice Day ^^ gbu~

|| Full Soundtrack (Tracklist 01-08) ||

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