Visit at My New Blog ^^

Hi guys,

I just want give you info, i’ll make my other blog active again. I feel sad when open my other blog without visitor and i not really care for update something at there. So, i think i’ll make my other blog active again. At first, i confused what i must do at that blog? After thinking plus and minus i’ll make my other blog same like this blog but a little different than this blog. At my other blog, you guys will found my music collection about K-Pop, Soundtrack from Korean Drama or English Music which i liked and i want to share with you guys. I think i’ll update another SM Family music at there too so, this blog will more focus with all news, pictures, and music all about Girls’ Generation.

This is just my plan. I don’t know about the future. Maybe will be different but not far than my planning now. About EXO, i still will share in here, but about music or music video more detail i’ll update at my new blog. At my new blog i’ll try update new music from MV (maybe like mv rip) and you can save all my collection from there. If you want download the original music, you guys can wait until SM release at the Korean Official Website like; MelOn, Bugs, Mnet, Soribada, iTunes, Daum, Olleh Music,Naver or Baidu. I not promise i’ll share full album from all SM Family at there.

I have a lot planning for my another blog, but i don’t know i can’t make all my plan become a reality or not. Because i little busy and my internet connection not good for share anything fast like different website. I just can upload one by one and step by step if i have a much free time for upload file like music or video. I’ll update news from my new article at my other blog to you guys from Psycho_Friend’s Twitter.

Thanks a lot for you guys who visit in my blog Psycho_Friend ^^ Nice to meet you at my other blog! Sorry for my bad english language (hope not make you dying when reading my grammar ^^ kekekeke…) Gbu~

>> <<


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