[090714] Tao (EXO) New Selca

[140709] Tao (EXO) New Selca

I sincerely apologize that I haven’t talking to you guys in English for so long. I’m not good at English and I’m trying my best finding people translating for me so that for those of you who is more familiar with English can better understand me. Of course, I’m woking hard learning it. In recent days, I realized there are lots of rumors about me. For most parts, it must be some misunderstandings between us. After all, rumors have stayed with me since I joined the EXO. I never want to explain or dispute with any of them, because I believe time is the best healer and it can help you guys understand everything. People who love me will always love me no matter what happened or what will happen. I do want you guys get to know more about me. I am here to say that I will never and ever lie to you guys. Please trust me like I trust all of you all the time. Love you all very much!

Source Original Picture from Tao (EXO) via Tao’s Official Instagram


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